Roasted Pumpkin Soup

The weather has turned a bit chilly, grey and rainy in Sydney today and it’s making me fancy soup!

This recipe came from my friend Kristen and the first time I made it I had to keep texting photos to her because it just felt too easy! If you like pumpkin soup then you should really give this one a go. Roasting the veggies gives it such a rich and delicious flavour.


  1 butternut pumpkin, roughly chopped

  1 onion, whole

  ½ bulb garlic

  Approx 500ml chicken or vegetable stock

  Black pepper


1.       Preheat oven to 180

2.       Place pumpkin, onion and garlic on oven tray (skins on)

3.       Roast vegetables until soft, approx 45mins

4.       Remove from oven, scoop pumpkin out of skin and squeeze onion and garlic out of their skins (use tongs, not your hands!).

5.       Blend or stick mix the vegetables together with chicken stock until you have your preferred consistency

6.       Add black pepper to taste

7.       Heat in saucepan and serve


A note about stock:

I often have homemade chicken stock in my freezer but if you need to use a bought stock try to go for one with as few nasty ingredients as possible and a low salt option. A good rule is to look at the ingredients list and choose the one with the least ingredients and the least numbers and names you can’t pronounce (additives, preservatives, MSG etc).