Not hungry in the morning?



You must eat Breakfast!

Your metabolism has slowed down over night.
You have been fasting for 8+ hours.
You’re dehydrated.
You have no fuel left in your tank.

How could it possibly be OK to go to work without refuelling?

You’re not hungry? Well lets get that metabolism kick started.
As soon as you wake up, go to the kitchen and
 pour yourself a glass of warm water and then squeeze in 1/4 fresh lemon juice and drink it.

Now, go and have your shower and get ready and then you should find that the idea of food is a little more inviting.

Have breakfast before you have a coffee.

Coffee can often supress the appetite and also cause you to feel a little jittery on an empty stomach so always have your coffee after breakfast. You may even find that once you start eating in the morning you won’t even feel like a coffee.

Prepare your breakfast the night before.

If your excuse for skipping breakfast is that you’re in too much of a rush in the morning you have three options.
Option one, you can get up half an hour early so that you can prepare your breakfast and sit down to eat it.
Option two, you can prepare something before bed such as my
 chia pudding or amuesli bar or almond muffin.
Option three have a good quality protein shake.
Option two and three mean that you can take your breakfast with you if you’re running late. No excuses

Start with a liquid breakfast.

Some people who have gone years without eating breakfast really struggle with the idea of eating in the morning. Work yourself up to solids and start with a veggie juice or a smoothie. You might be surprised by how satisfying and sustaining a vegetable juice can be. Try to make sure that your juice is mostly vegetables rather than fruit to keep the sugar content down. Try kale, cucumber, mint and apple for a yummy combo to get you started.

Smoothies are quick and easy to make using milk, banana, seeds and maybe even some kale.. Check out two of my recipes here.


What other tricks do you use to get your appetite started? I’d love you to share your tips in the comment box below.