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Welcome to Burton Health.

My mission is to help you slow down, 
heal, reconnect and enjoy life.

My name is Laura and I am passionate about natural health, proper nutrition, practical wellness advice and the best organic herbal tea. 


Naturopath Dural

Are you

  • Tired but on edge?

  • Stressed and burnt out?

  • Bloated, uncomfortable and digesting poorly?

  • Experiencing hormonal imbalances?

  • Unable to enjoy the time you spend with family and friends?

help is here 

Naturopath Laura Yen (née Burton), has over ten years of clinical experience and has helped hundreds of busy, fatigued and frazzled people gain back the health and happiness they once enjoyed.

Laura works with clients one on one, during naturopathic consultations, in her busy Dural and St Leonards clinics and offers appointments Australia-wide via secure online video appointments. She sends her natural health message further afield, with beautiful organic herbal tea which she hand blends in small batches and sends to customers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Pour yourself a cuppa and take a look around, we’re thrilled
to welcome you to Burton Health.

Naturopath | Nutrition | Herbal Medicine| Hills district | Lower north shore

Say hello to our boutique herbal tea range!

The Burton Health Tea Club invites you to enjoy our organic, natural, hand blended herbal tea that has been formulated by naturopath Laura Yen. Laura believes that top quality herbal tea should be available to everyone, without added sugar, colouring or flavouring. Herbal tea that speaks for itself. We're sure you will enjoy every drop!

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