Healthy Kitchen Tour - Part One Pantry Tour

A pantry tour has been on my list of blogs to write for a couple of years! So when Alison asked me what topic I'd like to cover for our next Health and Wellbeing podcast/video I knew straight away that this was the one to do.

I LOVE looking in other peoples fridge, food cupboard and make up bags.. Maybe I'm a snoop, but mostly I'm just fascinated by what people choose to buy. I remember a friend of mine opening my pantry once and exclaiming 'Oh my god! Everything's organic!!'. It isnt. But to her it was a whole new world and obviously quite different to her pantry!

This is a three part series leading on from our last video where we discussed some of our favourite food items and why we love them. If you haven't watched that one yet, you can check it out over here and come back to the pantry tour after.

So , if you've ever wondered what naturopaths really eat, or if naturopaths eat only organic food that they pick from the garden you can check out what these two naturopaths have in their kitchen cupboard to get the inside scoop.

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