Burton Health Tea TV debut!

It's a pretty exciting week for us at Burton Health HQ! This week we are featured on the 'Try It, Rate It' promotion across all of the Lifestyle channels on Foxtel.

I really never thought I'd ever see my hand made tea on television! It's quite a surreal feeling. 

The best part is that this opportunity fell on my lap while I was sitting on a sun lounger in Dubai! If I hadn't been on holiday, I probably wouldn't have made time to read the email and would've missed the opportunity. I knew holidays were good for business!

As you may be aware, I am super proud of my herbal tea. I pride myself on producing a full flavoured, delicious tea using my knowledge of the therapeutic actions of each herb and without adding any flavouring or sweeteners. I truly believe that a good herbal tea allows the herbs to speak for themselves and that enjoying a cup of tea should be an experience, not just a habit.

The Try It, Rate It promotion allows viewers to apply for the chance to sample a pack of Burton Health Tea. Each pack includes a 10 serve bag of our TeaStress, Rest and Digest and ImmuniTea blends of organic herbal tea as well as a tea infuser.

Burton Health Tea will be featured on the Lifestyle channel until Sunday 14th February 2016 and I would love some of my readers, patients, tea customers and friends to be amongst the 10 people who receive a tea pack. All you have to do to be in the running is head on over to the Lifestyle channel website and enter your details.

The winners are chosen randomly so good luck! And let me know if you see my tea on your TV screen!

Laura x 

Call me Mrs Yen

OK, you can still call me Laura.

But I did get married on the weekend... 

Jono and I had an intimate (and somewhat secret) ceremony with our family at a gorgeous holiday house on Hyams Beach. It was magical, romantic and everything we had wished for.

And now I will change my name.

Don't be alarmed when you start seeing posts and emails pop up from Laura Yen. It's me! I will gradually start rolling out my new name over the next few weeks.

Burton Health will stay the same. 

When I started my business and came to the point of registering a business name, I was faced with a difficult decision.. Come up with a fancy name, use my name, or take the chance to use my business to pay tribute to my family. I chose the latter.

I knew way back then that I wanted to marry Jono and I knew that when I did, I would want to take his name. Since there are no male grandchildren to carry the Burton name, I decided to name my business Burton Health in a nod to my grandparents and parents.

I also thought it would be useful when old patients looked  me up by googling "Laura Burton".

So, there you have it, SURPRISE! 

Thank you for the love, support and well wishes we have received so far. Here's some happy snaps from our special day :)