Naturopathy, The Science

What is naturopathy?


Naturopathy, plain and simple, is natural health care. Utilising a thorough understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine, blended with practical and achievable lifestyle and mindset practises.

As a naturopath, Laura has completed studies in nutrition, herbal medicine, bach flower remedies, holistic counselling, homoeopathy and iridology. She regularly attends professional seminars, and stays up to date with the ever evolving world of natural medicine.

Before your first consultation you will be asked to complete a thorough health/diet/lifestyle questionnaire. Laura will then go through this with you at your first appointment to gather any extra information and begin building your health care plan.

During your initial appointment, Laura will take a photo of your eyes to do an iris analysis using the principles of iridology. Patients find this fascinating and love to see their eyes in such detail while hearing the insights that Laura shares. Iridology helps to prioritise and plan the treatment protocol and offers extra insight into the overall health and personality picture. 

Subsequent appointments are used to gather extra information (test results, diet diaries etc), and to work through the complex layers of your health condition while coaching you to your full health potential. 

What conditions does Laura treat?

 Stress, anxiety, burnout, depression

 Fatigue, low energy 

 Poor sleep or insomnia

 PMS, painful, heavy or absent periods

 Menopause, hot flushes, reduced libido

 Blood sugar imbalances

 Obesity or weight gain

 Difficulty conceiving

Constipation, bloating, IBS

 Autoimmune conditions


 Headaches or migraines

 Cold and flu   

 Sore throat, tonsillitis, glandular fever

 Sinus, allergies, hayfever



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