Maternity leave

There's a baby on the way! 

I've now been on maternity leave for four and a half weeks and man have I been busy! When I was planning my mat leave I was worried that it was excessive to take 5 weeks before the baby was due.. I was wrong! I didn't realise how much work I needed to catch up on before the baby arrived. It's definitely given me a new perspective on how I've been running my business and I've realised that when I come back to work I need to set aside more time for admin. It's such a nice feeling when you know that the paperwork and admin side of things is under control. Leaves a lot of space in the old brain for other things!

I've also been doing a lot of cooking! We have managed to freeze 29 portions of dinner, 11 muffins (this started at 16 but I've dipped in to a few), some AMAZING raw chocolate brazil nut slice that a patient made me, 30 bliss balls and some other snacky foods (dumplings etc). We literally cannot fit another thing in our freezer! I was determined to freeze as many meals as I could so that we don't have to worry about cooking when the baby arrives. It feels good to know that we have achieved this.

What's happening at the clinics?

My locum, Alison Mitchell started at the Dural clinic the week after I finished up. She has been seeing patients every Friday for Naturopathy (both at the clinic and via SKYPE) and Remedial Massage. 

Alison has been looking after all of my clients, both Dural and St Leonards, so if you need a follow up appointment please don't hesitate to rebook with her. I have left her with all of my patient notes, prescriptions, weight loss results and iridology photos so she will be able to easily continue the work we have begun.

Alison is also looking after new naturopathy patients so if you have been referred to me, or just stumbled across this site then please go ahead and book in with Alison. She has a very similar treatment approach to me (we're all about keeping it simple), and she will be able to look after you very well in my absence. It would be a shame to delay your health journey just because I'm not available, especially when there is such a fabulous practitioner available!

Other new faces around the clinics

At my St Leonards clinic there is now a lovely naturopath named Shoba Jay working on Thursdays. Shoba is currently splitting her time between her practice in Melbourne and this new venture in Sydney. She will be running her practice independently to Burton Health so if you wish to make an appointment with her please contact her directly and book an initial appointment.

Shoba specialises in treating digestive conditions, anxiety and stress.

At the Dural clinic extra remedial massage appointments are now available with Glen Chilcott on Thursdays and Saturdays. Glen has been a massage therapist since 2014 and is a passionate and knowledgeable practitioner. You can book appointments with Glen online.

Your health is very important to me


Even though I'm not going to be around the clinics for a little while, it is very important to me that your health is in good hands and that you are able to achieve the optimal state of wellness that you deserve.

I am confident that you will be well looked after in my absence and I'm looking forward to catching up on my return!

For now, here's a picture of my bump that my hubby took last night :)

Wishing you health, happiness and amazing herbal tea!
Laura x