The Burton Health Tea Club is here!

 After months of planning and preparation I have opened the doors to the Burton Health Tea Club!

This club gets me so excited! I wanted to share the joy of organic herbal tea with as many people as I could. I thought that accessing and enjoying good quality tea should be as easy as possible and I wanted to help people to connect with the herbs in their cup.

I thought a Tea Club would be the perfect way to do this. I looked around and I couldn't find anything like it. Sure, there might be tea subscription sites but I could't find a club where the ritual of tea was honoured, all of the tea was certified organic, hand-blended by a Naturopath and then delivered straight to your door with extra surprises to brighten your day. So I created it for you!

Every time I think about this Tea Club I always end up saying "I want to be a part of this club!". This is my dream come true. I love receiving mail, I love herbal tea and I love surprises. I have combined all of the things I love and turned it into an exclusive club for you to enjoy.

Head to the Tea Club page to find out the finer details of the club or hop right on over to the store if you know that this is the club that you need to be part of.

I look forward to welcoming you to the club.

Laura x