Your invitation to the ultimate tea party, offering you exclusive membership
to a community built around a love of herbal tea, receiving mail, and
the joy of surprises. 

It's something special..


Our teas are hand blended in Australia by Naturopath Laura Burton, using the finest organic ingredients. The Burton Health Tea Club is the only Tea Club available in Australia and New Zealand where the teas are formulated by a highly trained Naturopath, combining a love of tea with traditional naturopathic wisdom.

The Burton Health Tea Club is more than a tea subscription. It is a reminder to slow down and revive. It is an opportunity to connect with nature (in a cup), and reconnect with your vital force. 

The Tea Club Philosophy



Naturopathic philosophy is based around the theory of life energy or "vital force". To maintain vitality we need to nourish ourselves and replenish our energy stores. In our fast paced lifestyles we have forgotten how to recharge. Membership to the Burton Health Tea Club provides the reminder you need to slow down and breathe life in. 

What will you receive? 


Each month you will receive a beautifully packaged tea delivery to your door. Inside you will find a handwritten note and information card explaining each organic herb included in the blend. The Burton Health Tea Club is a way of reviving the joy of receiving snail mail, most commonly reserved for bills. Laura Burton is about to become the best pen pal you ever had!


This membership provides more than unique, organic tea blends. Gift giving and surprises are a powerful way to inject joy into the day to day. Each month the tea blend will be kept a secret until the parcels are sent out. You may know you're receiving a tea parcel but you won't know which blend is inside. And to add extra impact to the fun and excitement, each month will include extra surprises in the form of gifts from some of our favourite brands. 

Join the Tea Club Community

Take your tea loving to the next level with our exclusive three, six and twelve month memberships to the Burton Health Tea Club. Alternatively if you're looking for the perfect gift look no further, our memberships are amazing gifts too - just enter your loved one's details at the checkout and you're sorted!